Stained Glass

Would you like to have beautiful Stained Glass effect luminex plastic in your dolls house casting soft pretty colours into your rooms; these are much better quality than transparency print or sticky ones, heavier, nicer to handle & use & so realistic. Flexible to allow for easy fitting & curves too! Fixes with glue-so easy

Contact us & we will customise to add even more style to your projects. So many designs, colours and shapes .

Rugs & Fabrics

How great would it be to have matching wallpapers, fabric & rugs for your rooms, well now you can have exactly that with our help, All sizes in rugs in 3 scales too.

We can make thin felt rugs or carpets to match your Poppets wallpapers & we have matching fabric for when you want to make curtains, blinds bedding etc. just contact us with sizes, requirements or questions & we will make whatever you need to give your rooms those elegant final touches.

Wallpapers & Borders

If you would like us to make you borders to match any of our papers to coordinate your rooms contact us and we will create something just for you.

Stair & Hall runners

Along with our carpeting we can make carpet runners too & no furniture wobble!

Nothing is too much trouble at Poppets Dolly Bits Happy customers  means happy us!