Here you will find all our sale items & a few items which we sell from our own personal collections which are pre loved, just like when we sell on facebooks marketplace. We also sell our end of lines items, reduced items & odds & ends here. Its a great place to find bargains & one off items - enjoy :)

Swiss roll on plate
art deco picture frame
brass pans & utensils
blue shirt & tie
black shirt & tie
Grocery box
ceiling rose
ceiling rose 2
coffee grinder
books on shelf
umbrella cane stands
framed picture 1
framed picture 5
framed picture 2
framed picture 3
framed picture 4
chess set
straw hats
pink resin statue
2 tea towels
books kit
nursery toys
silhouette frame
framed picture 6
reuter porzellan
plants in pots
cushion set a
cushion set b
cushion set c
cushion set d
cushion set e
Blythe/Barbie cushion 1
Blythe/Barbie cushion 2
bowl of crisps & nuts
tea & cake
square sticky tiles
blue tea set & egg cups
pink ceramic tea set
black stove
aga type stove
tudor crib
tudor tray & platters
bath set
padded sofa
padded mix colour sofa
checked chairs - pair
set of 3 chairs cream padded
grey velour chair
red padded chairs
2 pine look chairs
coffee table & cream lace top
circular small side table
4 piece g plan style nursery set
mahogany look wall unit
resin fire
resin sink and drainer
mixed pics & mirrors
magazine rack table
study chair
odds and ends
kids desk
hat & stand
fire guard 24th scale
hand made bedding 1
double bed set blue
green quilt set
single bed set green & gold
flowered bed set
jug & bowl sets
2 brass curtain poles
door & frame
Stairs & carpet